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4 декабря 2018 г. 21:46 $5.99
8 ноября 2018 г. 15:32 $5.99 Free
15 марта 2015 г. 21:13 $5.99
The critically acclaimed Arkedo Series is now available on PS3™! This collection of 3 vintage-style games will douse your console in a colorful world and treat you with some serious old-school action!

'JUMP!' is a platformer where your 8-bit hero must collect bombs before they blow up, while avoiding nasty little bats, 2-way powered crabs, sharp stalactites, spikes from hell, and a bunch of other oddities.

'SWAP!' is a Match-4 game where you must clear blocks before they reach the top of the screen. Combos, bonus blocks, power blocks and time freezers will help you get through the 5 worlds contained in the game.

'PIXEL!' is the platform adventure game that will have you finally understand why you bought such an expensive HDTV: the halo surrounding big fat pixels had never looked so good!

1-2 players
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