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Beta Bloc

Соединенные Штаты | Game | D3 Publisher of America

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24 марта 2015 г. 3:05 $4.99
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Prepare your paddle for brick-breaking RPG action!

7 Dooms exist in this world, with legendary monsters waiting for your challenge! Turn your system on its side and operate the dragon paddle to fight through 120 challenging stages of brick-breaking action. Earn experience points and increase the strength and spell powers of your paddle as you take on a totally unique gaming experience mixing classic brick-breaking gameplay with RPG elements.

• A unique mix of RPG and brick-breaking gameplay played vertically on your system
• Destroy all the blocs on each stage to progress and clear the land of evil
• Earn experience points and level up as you clear each stage
• Use special moves like squash hits, shake-the-wall and plasma cannon
• Battle powerful boss enemies at the end of each zone
• Fight against your friends via wireless play

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