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Mary Skelter: Nightmares

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Escape the living Jail before Nightmares consume you in this DRPG! Join the Maidens to use class systems and transformations in turn-based battle, but beware – challenging Nightmares can chase you down and keep you imprisoned forever!
Key Features
• Customize your characters with 20+ jobs, each with their own unique skillset and stats!
• Challenging Nightmares chase you through the dungeons – use special abilities to lay traps and gain the advantage before battle! Some say there are giant Nightmares so large they span multiple floors…
• Fill your meter to transform and deal more damage in the powerful Massacre mode, or reduce it to heal the party and receive stat boosts!
• Explore the Jail and satisfy its desires to earn helpful Jail Bonuses in your quest!

1 player(s)
768KB Minimum

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